((This isn’t getting enough attention.

The Oso landslide happened on on Saturday march 22. and recovery has only been set back by heavy rain and thunderstorms

Over 30 are dead, and about 90 are missing- this is the biggest natural disaster in Washington history.

 Oso is two hours away from my home, and it’s frighting to see something happen so close, to close for comfort.

I love my home state because no matter where you go, there is that small town closeness, and there is always someone willing to help.

These people need help, and in any form will work. 

These people who survived this in oso are giving up their homes, to help their neighbor.

and they are working hard every day. and are in moarning of the love ones that they have lost.

you can donate here.

Any help is welcome, and needed. even if its not cash, donate clothes, food, blankets, medicine.

Please help the people affected by the Oso Landslide. 

you can find more information here))